What is spoild?

SPOILD is an inspired dessert shop Made with Love & Power. Ice Cream was never enough so we decided to make our own shop offering the experience we craved for, since forever.

What does spoild mean?

SPOILD is how we want you to feel when you visit us.



What flavours of ice cream do you offer?

Our menu consists a variety of delicious signature ice-creams as well as a build-your-own option allowing you to play around and create your favorite combination.

Are there any vegan options available?

Certainly. You can select our non-dairy gelato base adding different vegan mix-ins or toppings.

And how about gluten free?

Sure we do! However, although we are very careful during our preparation procedures, some products may be cross contaminated with gluten.

Does gelato contain egg?

It does not.

HELP! I have a nut allergy!

Fear not!  We clearly label all of our nut products and make sure not to have any cross contamination at our in-house lab.

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato is much different from ice-cream in several ways. Gelato uses far more milk than cream and due to a slow churning process it incorporates less air. Unlike traditional ice-cream and some other gelati, our Gelato is made without the use of eggs in the custard. These differences result in a more flavorful, dense and creamy scoop with less butterfat. When you taste it you can really tell the difference.

Where is the gelato made?

At our in-house lab, every day!



What are your flavours?

We have a great variety of flavours that differ according to our baker’s inspiration and seasonality of ingredients.

Are there any vegan or gluten-free options available?

Not yet..but you never know..

Why are there nuts in many of the cookies?

It creates this crunchy feeling that makes them even more yummy and unique from any other cookie you have tasted before.

Where do you get your chocolate from?

We use high quality ingredients. Our chocolate ingredients are mainly from Belgium, Italy and Greece.

Where are the cookies made?

Hooooome Made!

What’s the recipe like?

Sorry, can’t tell you all our secrets!

Are you going to do any more flavours?

Absolutely! We’re always working on new ideas and have 100s of them that we will be introducing soon.

Are they undercooked? No of course not!

Our cookies are baked in a sophisticated oven and cannot be under or over cooked as they’re always timed. Our dough is always perfectly safe to eat.